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Hello Cre8v-Fam!

Hello Cre8v-Fam!!!! I'm so excited to finally cre8 (heeheehee) my very own website and to share it with all of you. Now, I am super excited, but I promise I will try to contain some of the excitement as a write this first post. First things first, if you did not read the About Me page, my name is Nicole (also, you should read the about me page. I did take the time to write it, so I think it's only As I was saying, my name is Nicole. I picked up a crochet hook one day and started doing it off and on for years.

My first projects were blankets. They weren't perfect, but they were something I created, so they were ok in my book. As I continued to progress in my skills, I learned to embrace a stich marker, to always create a swatch, and most importantly, to be patient with myself. As you create your own crochet pieces, remember to be patient with yourself. The crochet world is ever evolving. There is always some new tip or trick to help you, so be on the lookout.

Here at Cre8vStitch, I will show you different projects I am working on. Some will be originals and others will be based on patterns I find from other sites. Either way I will let you know and share the process with you.

Thanks for stopping by.

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