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Bastian the Octopus

Bastian the Octopus


Tired of buying a gift off the registry only to find someone else bought it and forgot to mark it off?  Or are you just looking for the perfect standout gift that's sure to be hit? Bastian is the answer.  


This loveable, huggable octopus is ready to find a forever home and make a new friend for life. 


This item is handmade with loving care and contains:
* 100% acrylic yarn

*100% polyester yarn
* 100% Polyester Fiber Fill
* Two plastic safety eyes



Sunsoaked/ Royal Blue


* Height: 4.5 inches
* Width: 6 inches 


Cleaning Instructions

Crochet toys can be cleaned by hand using a 50/50 cool water and soap mixture and a dabbing cloth.


Warning / Disclaimer: 

This item was made with two-part plastic safety eyes. Children under 3 should be supervised when playing with this item.



Original pattern created by Nicole Hennek

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